About us

AlpicAir is a registered brand which combines various air conditioners and climate control systems. The goal was to create a brand which would guarantee the client an optimal quality-price ratio. 
AlpicAir combines various split and multi-split systems, cassettes and fan coils, chilled beams, air handling units, floor convectors and solar panels.

All AlpicAir systems use ozone-friendly refrigerant R32, and a number of models employ inverter type compressors. Split systems cover a complete range of products, from small wall mounted devices to big cassettes and condensing units.

AlpicAir water-cooling systems include end-to-end solutions, ranging from fan coil convectors and ceiling cassettes to floor convectors.All above units are available with both the function of cooling and the function of cooling plus heating. The units have been tested and provided with the data on their heating and cooling capacity under different service conditions. There are also readings of the registered noise emitted by the unit installed in the room.

Solar panels are an innovation in the AlpicAir product range. They are an excellent add-on to the existing water heating or heating system.

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